Soccer Tryouts 2018
B09 White Payaras Redapt Final 2017

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May - June 2018

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ISC Gunners Summer Challenge

Jun 2018

Boys and Girls


Crossfire Challenge

Jul 2018

Boys and Girls

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Soccer Tryouts LWPFC 2018



Girls 05 and 07.

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Girls 05 by arrangement.

Girls 07 by arrangement.


Boys 08/09 select and 09 premier by arrangement.

Boys 05/06 select and 04/05 premier.

Reserve places. Please email the DoC.


Please register here and provide your player's name, previous soccer experience, level of play you are considering, and player's date of birth.

Leagues and Tournaments 2018

All teams are registering for the Fall PSPL leagues and booking Summer tournaments.

Check the calendar for the latest information on all tournaments, schedules, game times and practice venues and timings.

Club Expansion

Our program has grown agian this year and we have added three more select teams and a premier team. This has taken the club to 12 teams. We have retained a great player to coach ratio and maximum field space.

Starfire Winter Indoor League

Indoor Leagues are in progress.

New Teams

Our expansion has gone well throughout 2017 and we are now adding more teams as we prepare for 2018 tryouts. With limited space and a lot f interest, please drop the DoC an email if you want to know more and see what all the excitement is about.

If you love soccer and want to really learn how to be technically amazing, and really master the game, please get in touch.


Many clubs miss out on two of the essential elements of soccer development. Physical development and psychological development are just as important as the technical and tactical training we are all familiar with, but are often neglected.

Our players attend three nutritional training sessions with Passionate Nutrition at Whole Foods in Redmond Way in the Fall of each year.

Our last class was a huge success, and we are now making this an annual event for our athletes. Hopefully, we will see fewer burgers, pizza and fast food at games and tournaments, and more home prepared healthy sacks coming out of our players backpacks!

If you would like more information on nutritional care please contact email us, or Passionate Nutrition for details.