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White Payaras High School Super League Champions 2019
B03 White Payaras - WNPL Super League Champions 2019

At LWPFC, we are a boutique club, focused on quality of play and developing soccer skills for the highest premier levels. We believe in the balance of commitment to soccer and your family life. That is why we designed the LWPFC for your child to learn soccer and have fun.

Comparisons LWPFC Mega Clubs
All games local or in-state YES NO
No more than 2 teams per coach YES NO
All coaches licensed by USSF YES NO
Non-profit 501(C)3 YES NO
No more than 2 - 4 teams per field for practice YES NO

If you want to learn the game of soccer, not just play it. Come meet the coach and players at a practice session.

Contact us to learn more doc@lakewashingtonpremierfc.com

We also support US Club Soccer’s id2 National Identification and Development Program.


Tryouts are nearly here! Please check out the girls registration page.


Boys HS tryouts are still available! We will come scout you at your school games! Please go to the boys registration page. Other ages are fast approaching too! Register early as we have limited spaces.


We are not for profit, all volunteer skilled and licensed coaches, and we provide affordable soccer. In 2019 we celebrate 14 years providing an alternative approach to soccer, and we would love you to come and join us for the next chapter in your soccer experience. There is no better program, or better value than LWPFC. With spiralling costs at big clubs, try a cost comparison, check out other programs, and then email the Director of Coaching to arrange to come and see this great club. We know you will be impressed!

Want to know more about us and why we are so good at what we do? Take a look at the reasons to play for LWPFC below, and find out about 11 core things we do right, that other clubs won't do.

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Reasons to play for LWPFC?

  • Every team has TWO dedicated coaches.
  • We coach for individual development.
  • We train on full sized turf fields, with only two teams per field.
  • All our coaches are UEFA/USSF or United Soccer licensed.
  • We have a strong scholarship program.
  • Our fees are the lowest in any premier or select program.
  • Our players move between teams as needed for their development.
  • We train all year round.
  • We provide twice yearly written evaluations of every player.
  • We are personal and approachable.
  • We use Tactical Periodization training methods.

Come shoot for the stars, and grow to be the best you can be, with us!

It is easy to come check us out, and all you have to do is email us to register for our next tryout.

Tryouts and Expansion!

We are expanding our program again this year. Having secured additional first class field space, and recruited technically excellent coaches, that know how to play, and how to teach our technical brand of soccer, we have decided to add more teams to the program in 2019/20. Now is a great time to come join us. With at cost training and amazing coach-to-player ratios, we are a great alternative to many other less technical and personal experiences.

Our tryouts were amazingly successful last year. We took in excess of 50 new players into our program and expanded by four teams. We are sorry for all those players that did not get selected, but please keep in touch and remember that we have open tryouts all year round and slots do open up from time to time.

Register here for Boys 2019 Tryouts, and here for Girls 2019 Tryouts!

Upcoming Events

NEW - Free weekly one-on-one extra training sessions.

Save time and money paying for private sessions with unqualified coaches. Limited spaces, so email the DoC for session openings and dates.

Open to non LWPFC players when space permits.

PSPL WA Cup. Schedules are posted.

PSPL Coaches Symposium - June at Starfire.

Tournaments - All teams.

Weekly training sessions for goalkeepers. Contact goalkeeper coach for details.

Practice Schedule

Practice is year round, with two, 2 hour sessions a week, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Days depend on the age and gender of the player.

Additional one-on-one training sessions are free and open to all players. Check with the DoC for details or the calendar for open sessions and topics.

Practice for Boys 03, 04, 05, 06 and 09 is at Marymoor park, Redmond Ridge Park or Perrigo Park. Days vary. Check the Calendar for details.

Practice for girls 05, 06, 07 and 08 is at Marymoor Park, Big Rock Park or Redmond Ridge Park. Check the Calendar for details.


If you expect to miss Tryouts, don't worry, we have you covered!

If you think you will miss tryouts for your age please email our DoC and we will arrange for your player to come out and see us.

All players at LWPFC are selected by birth year. So, a player born in January 2009 would play at age with a player born in November 2009. This complies with USSF mandate to meet a National standardization for qualification through birth year.

LWPFC Feature in Health News

Lifewise healthcare in Washington

The Club's sponsorship with LifeWise healthcare, one of a group of companies providing healthcare to 1.5 million subscribers and their families, continues to thrive.

As part of the LifeWise healthy lifestyle message, LWPFC features in the latest edition of Lifewise Washington News. Please check this article out, and pass the healthy message that soccer is good for you!