LWPFC - Forms, charts and guides

You can download various forms and documents. Find the document that you need and select the download link.

Marymoor Park field map PDF

Medical Release Form Microsoft WORD

USSF Heat and Hydration Guidelines PDF

First Aid Guide PDF

Parent Concussion and Cardiac Awareness Form PDF

Player Loan Form Microsoft WORD

LWPFC Age Criteria

Starting Jan 2016 LWPFC moved to the USSF birth year age caterorization for player selection. This means that all players regardless of gender now play at age. Some teams have players playing up by one year, and sometimes in exceptional circumstances, by two years. Teams are now listed by birth year, so when you see White Piranhas as a team name you will also see the year of player birth. For example, you may see 'White Sharks B04', which means this is a boys team of players born during 2004.

What form do I need

Medical Release Form

You need this form if you are registering a player for the first time or your player details have changed.

Age Chart

You only need to download this if you want a ready reckoner to determine age requirements. The Club takes care of this for you when you register. Make sure the Club has a copy of your daughter's birth certificate.

Player Loan Form

Download this if you are loaning a player to another Club. You need permission from the Club to loan a player, so please speak to your team manager before loaning a player to another team.

First Aid Guide

This is a guide to basic First Aid actions and is useful as a flyer you can carry in your players backpack.

Parent Concussion and Cardiac Awareness Form

Download this form annually for acknowledgement of the concussion and cardiac arrest requirements.

USSF Heat and Hydration Guide

This guide is an excellent resource for helping decide what types of hydration fluids to give your player. It also discusses heat stress injuries and action to take for heat stroke and heat exhaustion, as well as risk factors and prevention techniques.